Audio Engineer + Producer  
Recording + Mixing // On location or Studio  
London, UK  


Got to get a stunning venue for a stunning voice right? What could be more fitting than the masonic lodge in the heart of central london. I had many challenges to overcome during this shoot, most noticably the walk whilst singing which was vital to the Director, Shaun James Grant’s, idea. We achieved this with careful wireless set up, ensuring we never lost signal due to range and that Lewis’s IEMs also remained in range whilst I remained out of shot.

Recoreded on location at Freemasons’ Hall, mixed and mastered at my home studio. 


No matter the band, location, complex requirements unique to that shoot I can remove the worries of multitrack recordings, artist monitoring and playback so everyone can focus on the job in hand.

With over 200 sessions under my belt, from studios in London to outdoor shoots in Lapland, working with Vevo, Google, Universal Music and many more I can plan all aspects of the recording, from equipment hire to final mix delivery.


Born and raised in Derby, I learnt music playing with a 30 piece jazz big band before studying Music with Computer Sound Design at the University of Surrey. 

After an apprenticeship under Steve Osborne at Realworld Studios, I moved to London 
where I’m now based.